The SNUG Home Project

The SNUG Home Project and Travelfusion

In 2014 Ecomotive started developing the ambitious SNUG Homes Project, which aims to provide a simple solution to the lack of good quality, affordable homes in the UK.


According to homeless charity Shelter, 1.7 million households are currently waiting for social housing, while the number of new households is increasing faster than the number of new house builds.

The market price of homes continues to rise, leaving increasing numbers of people with no chance of getting on the housing ladder. Meanwhile, research shows that 3 out of 4 people do not want to live in or buy a mainstream developer built house (Case for Space Report - RIBA). 

There is a growing appetite for people to be involved in the creation of their own home. A recent MORI Poll undertaken by the National Self Build Association showed that 1 in 7 people expect to research or plan how to build a home for themselves in the next 12 months.



SNUG homes is an innovative Bristol project which supports people to build and customise their own affordable and environmentally-friendly homes and communities. Developed by Ecomotive, the SNUG homes concept is based on an innovative product combined with a dedicated support service:

The product: a simple timber framed ‘SNUG shell’ that not only has an extremely high environmental specification but is designed to be suitable for construction, completion, adaptation, transportation and creation of cohesive, sustainable communities by end users.

> This is a simple, high quality yet affordable product that is adaptable for a range of end uses, fitting perfectly with the Bristol ‘brand’ of fun, creativity and sustainability that helped the city win European Green Capital 2015.

The service: a comprehensive programme of training and support to take SNUG builders through the processes of planning permission, design, construction, group working skills and community building.

> We want to empower and enable people to design and build their new home and to collaborate with others to form sustainable community clusters, both within Bristol and further afield.

The plan: we will build our first SNUG home in the centre of Bristol, creating an exhibit and events space as part of Bristol Green Capital 2015.

     > As a programme partner of Bristol Green Capital 2015, we will     offer a range of activities including talks, workshops, volunteering and training opportunities and the chance for people to explore our exhibit and contribute their own ideas on what self build and affordable housing mean to them


Travelfusion are supporting Ecomotive in the SNUG homes project for the first SNUG home. Ecomotive are actively establishing a group of people interested in being part of the first SNUG homes community in Bristol, with the aim of finding land and helping the group to start building their own homes.

Who are Ecomotive?

They are a small social enterprise, based in Bristol, aiming to develop new and exciting opportunities for people to create their own sustainable homes and communities through self build and custom build.

What does Ecomotive do?

  • Design and build: Innovative design of sustainable homes that are easy and affordable to self build or finish. We are also seeking potential development sites so that we can set up self build communities in Bristol and the surrounding area.
  • Advice and training: We offer information, inspiration, social networking, training and consultancy to help groups set up their own community-led housing projects.
  • Professional services: We provide consultancy and other support services to local authorities, housing associations and organisations across the self build sector.

Visit Ecomotive's website for further details.