Getting Starter tfSuppliers API

  • Step 1: Agreement In order to discuss, and have a tfSuppliers’ API Agreement in place please contact our Sales Team at: 
  • Step 2: API Account Setup Once the agreement is signed our team will set up your personal API account and share admin login details for managing it at:
  • Step 3: Support with Integration Travelfusion carries out the integration with your host/reservation/API/website and once completed will prepare the channel for operational readiness. 
  • Step 4: Registration and Authorization to Implement After the integration is finalized you will receive instructions on how to post the registration pages and the information about your ‘direct connect’ channel on your site. All third party applications will be sent to you and upon authorisation, Travelfusion will start the process of enabling the integration and ‘go live’. 
  • Step 5: Implementation & On-going Support Once third parties are implemented, you will be able to see their performance in our online reports. Travelfusion will continue to provide your third party distribution partners with ongoing booking and operational support. 

‚ÄčCONTACT For more information and any inquiry please contact