Getting Starter tfDesktop

Step 1: Agreement

In order to discuss and have a tf.Desktop Agreement in place please contact our Sales Team at: 

Step 2: Setup

Once the agreement is signed our Operation Team will set up your company’s profile according to your requirements. 

Step 3: Consultation

A short consultation will be necessary between Travelfusion and your contact person in your organisation. This is required to gather the exact information that relates to your PNR structure and the data you intend to be passed back to your GDS. This will include MI data and other customisation.

Step 4: Administration

An API branch is created and ‘admin login’ details are shared with you. You will need these login details for the management of the content via the admin pages ( It is your responsibility to update your contact details in order for us to support you efficiently. 

Step 5: Testing

An MSI installer will be assigned to you to install the tf.Desktop. This step is designed to ensure that all the settings are in place, ready to be implemented, and requires a designated person from your organisation to work with us. We will conduct an end-to-end test of a real booking with a supplier and test each stage of the booking process. 

Step 6: Implement

After successful testing Travelfusion will grant you permission to switch on real bookings on the tf.Desktop and go into production. 

Step 7: Support

After the full implementation, you will receive support from our Accounts Management team. Billing reports will be sent to you on a quarterly basis. 

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