Getting Started tfPay Flights, Hotels, Rail

Travelfusion offers airlines, hotel and rail companies who do not support standard Form Of Payments (FOPs) the opportunity to run their direct connect channels. TF.Payment manages the bookings with agents and customers and settles with the suppliers by either Credit account, or UATP.

Step 1: Agreement
In order to discuss and have a TF.Pay Agreement in place please contact our Sales Team at

Step 2: Profile Setup
Once the agreement is signed our Operation Team will set up your company’s profile (branch configuration and suppliers) according to your requirements. Please view the suppliers we support!

Step 3: Checklist – 
TF.Pay Deposit Method
The following questions enable us to understand the way your system supports bookings, payments, reconciliations and reports. Your answers will help us to design our interface to your system and build good internal processes. Please review each question, provide as many details as you can.

1. Which currency will our account hold?
2. Can we have a deposit in more than one currency? If so, how do you decide which one will be charged for which booking?
3. Once a deposit is made, how many days does it take for you to update our balance? How can we know the amount and currency that you’ve credited our account with?
4. Do you send us email alerts when our account has been topped-up, or when funds run dry? If yes, will these alerts be sent automatically or manually?
If our account runs out of money, can we still make bookings? If yes, is there a credit limit?

1. Can we set up sub-accounts, e.g. child-ids to our top account id?
2. Is the deposit set up for the top account only, or can sub-accounts have their own deposit - what is the logic that you apply to the? What would be the relationship between the top branch and the sub branches?

Card Payments
1. Can we use our own credit cards to pay for the bookings we make?
2. If so, which card types do you support (Mastercard, Visa, Debit cards), and do you charge users a fee for paying with a card?
3. Does your payment system accept cards that were issued in other countries than yours’?

Search and Booking
1. How do you determine the currency of the prices returned as search results? e.g. based on origin airport?
2. Can we request that you always return results in the currency of our account’s deposit?
If the booking currency is different than our account’s currency - how do you calculate the amount you’ll deduct from our account?
3. If you apply currency conversion - how often do you update your conversion rates?
4. In what point in the booking process do you deduct the final booking amount from our deposit - if your system updates the balances in real time?

1. Do you provide customers with online reports - e.g. to view bookings and account balance? If so, could you provide us the access?
2. Do you also have API commands that return the same information?

Cancellations and Refunds
1. What is the way to cancel a booking made via our account?
2. Can our customers cancel bookings directly with your call centre, or do we need to request a cancellation on their behalf?
3. When a booking is refunded - how can we know about it? e.g. will it appear on your online reports?
4. Are you happy to cancel and refund bookings that our customers informed us to be fraudulent at no charge? Are you happy to do that up to 24 hours after the booking was confirmed? If so, would you like to be informed via email or phone and kindly advise the contact details?

Changes and modifications
1. What is the way to modify a successful booking made via our account?
2. Can our customers make the change directly with you, or do we need to request a change on their behalf? If an extra charge applies, how the extra will be charged and how can we know about it? e.g. will it appear on your online reports?
3. Do you charge for all changes, or are some changes free of charge?

Operational support
1. Who are the relevant contacts for our operations team - for accounts, deposits and general operational support? Name, email and phone number, please.
2. For all booking inquiries, changes and cancellations - what email/number can we contact? Can our customers use this contact directly as well?

Communication: It is important that we work closely together and have a constant communication hence please provide us with the contact details of the person at your organization who is responsible for managing your billing and Travelfusion account and whom our team can contact when needed.

Access: Travelfusion offers you access to your bookings in the Booking Admin at:

For more information and any inquiry please contact