Getting Started tfIBE for Meta-Search Companies

  Bck to tfIBE

Step 1: Agreement
In order to discuss and have a tfIBE Agreement in place please contact our Sales Team at: 

Step 2: Setup
Once the agreement is signed our Operation Team will set up your company’s profile according to your requirements. 

Step 3: Administration
An API branch will be created and ‘admin login’ details will be shared with you. You need these login details to manage your content via the admin pages ( Please note that you need to update your contact details to enable us to support you efficiently.

Step 4: Development
It is your responsibility to start to develop against our API to integrate the tfIBE at the desired stage of the booking lifecycle.

Step 5: Testing
This step is designed to ensure that all the settings are in place, ready to be implemented, and requires a designated person from your organization to work with us. We will conduct testing of the developed solution. 

Step 6: Implementation
After successful testing Travelfusion will grant you permission to switch on tfIBE and go into production. 

Step 7: Support
After the full implementation, you will receive support from our Accounts Management team. Billing reports will be sent to you on a quarterly basis. 

CONTACT For more information and any inquiry please contact