Getting Started tfHotel API for Hotel Chains, Hotel Content Providers, Hotel Consolidators

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Step 1: Agreement

In order to discuss and have a tfHotel API Agreement in place please contact our Sales Team at: 

Step 2: Checklist Completion and API Account Setup

Once the agreement is signed we will complete the checklist that will help us to achieve a successful hotel booking integration. Coding will not commence until all question detailed in the checklist are answered by you. After the checklist is completed our team will set up your personal API account and share admin login details for managing it at:

Step 3: Support with Integration

We provide a dedicated support as you go along and will make sure you have all the information you need timely to make your technical, product and commercial decisions. Please contact our API support team. Our online API Guide will also provide you with the wide spectrum of features we support.

Step 4: Authorization Process

After the integration is finalized you will need to complete our ‘Going Live Check List’ ­ a questionnaire that is designed to ensure that you have made the right selections in the course of the integration. By accessing your test environment we will conduct a few test bookings to check if your implementation complies with our API requirements.

Step 5: Authorization to Implement

After the ‘Going Live Check List’ is completed and test environment is approved, you will be granted permission to switch on real bookings on the tfHotel API and go into production.

Step 6: On-going Support

Once your application completed our Account Management team will monitor your traffic closely and alert you on any issues that may arise. Our online reporting system is there to assist you to optimise the benefits of tfHotel API. Billing reports will be sent to you on a quarterly basis.

CONTACT For more information and any inquiry please contact